Wir leben auf einem Stern. Intro

Dilan Alt
Nomka Enkhee
Florian Glaubitz
Kara Hondong
Naehoon Huh
Julia Carolin Kothe
Theresa Lawrenz
Eunu Lee
Swan Lee
Jule Martin
Philipp Neßler
Nhu Y Linda Nguyen
POKY (Julia Gerke / Alina Röbke)
Elisabeth Schröder
Danijel Sijakovic
Rahel Sorg
Helena Walter
Marcin Wiezchowski
Natalie Wilke
Eleni Wittbrodt

From a constant intensive exchange with the Kunsthochschule Mainz, the idea for a cooperation arose, which should find a polyphonic expression in the group exhibition Wir leben auf einem Stern. Works by a total of 21 current and former students of the Kunsthochschule Mainz, across all media and site specific, should be presented in the rooms of the Kunsthalle Mainz. In view of the current situation, which presents all of us with great challenges and demands distance both "socially" and "physically", the exhibition was postponed to autumn 2020 together with its extensive accompanying program and the associated catalogue.

From 05/20–06/14/20 there is with Wir leben auf einem Stern. Intro nevertheless the opportunity to get a first glimpse of the exhibition project. All participants have developed short video clips in which they formulate initial ideas for their contributions in autumn, present their artistic practice, but also address the influence of the current situation on their artistic work and the effects of the closing of classrooms at the Kunsthochschule Mainz. In addition, works by Theresa Lawrenz, POKY (Julia Gerke / Alina Röbke), Danijel Sijakovic, Rahel Sorg and Helena Walter has already been prepared or started on site, which will be completed in autumn 2020.

The title of the exhibition refers to the institution art college: it is borrowed from the title of a work by the Norwegian artist Hanna Ryggen from 1958, who lived autonomously, but nevertheless negotiated current topics in her monumental tapestries. From this point of view, the institution art college can be read as a microcosm, but in no way as one that shields itself from its environment. Rather, one can understand the art college as a place that has a laboratory character, which explicitly takes up discussions about current world events, promotes experiments and space for reflections on the world.

The exhibition is supported by Freunde der Universität Mainz e.V..